How We Started

Wildspawn Mushrooms is devoted to bringing high-quality gourmet mushrooms to the Central New Jersey area. With a dedication to educating the local community about the fantastic world of fungi, we focus on connecting with you and nourishing that communal bond we all share with food, environment, friends, & family.

Jeff Mertz and Cody Iannozzi are two friends who share a passion for all things nature. After meeting while rock climbing, they soon decided to pursue their shared interest in mushroom cultivation and foraging. Something about being in the woods, finding the perfect wild shroom, inspired the pair to share the wonders of wild  foraged food with the world.

In 2023, Jeff took over the business as the sole owner while Cody still regularly forages and donates his large excess to sales of Wildspawn. Jeff and him remain good friends, as Cody will always a be a knowledgable source and a recognized founder. 

What's Next?

Educational School Tours & Presentations

Mushroom Cultivation Workshops

Informational Foraging Walks

DIY Mushroom Grow Kits

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Mission Statement